Monday, February 21, 2011

Batch 12: Retro Hairband (Cont...)

Hi again!

So this is a continuation to the previous entry. For those who are interested in ordering the hairband, we have received a couple of inquiries on the size of the flower.

Hence, we have created another 2 sizes to choose from. Please refer the following picture for the said size.

20 Sen is included in the picture so that you can imagine the size of each flower.

FYI, we have numbered the sizes to 1, 2 and 3. For Size 1, price remain at RM7.00. Size 2 is sold at RM 6.00 and Size 3 is sold at RM5.00.
Also, there are 5 different cloth patterns. Please refer the previous entry for 3 of the patterns.

Kalau ade soalan lagi, sila la email. Kalau bekenan di hati, sile la order. =P
Till then, ciao!

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