Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Hi Luverlies~

This are our very first hairband designs. Each is sold at RM9.00. We have 5 different designs for you to choose from.

Code Name: TCH1

Code Name: TCH2

Code Name: TCH3

Code Name: TCH4

Code Name: TCH5

Do order now!!! =)


Sunday, March 28, 2010


Hello ladies,

New batch is up for sale and order. It is called Bouquet of Flowers. All 5 designs are attached to black ponytail holders. We are selling each at 4.50.

Code Name: BOF 1
Colour: Walnut Brown & Sandstone

Code Name: BOF 2
Colour: Periwinkle & Cocoa

Code Name: BOF 3
Colour: Coral & Black

Code Name: BOF 4
Colour : Slate Gray & Butterfly Blue

Code Name: BOF 5
Colour : Dark Gray & Purple

FYI, design can also be attached to snap pins.
Thank you.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Batch 5: GLORY.

Dear Ladies!

Presenting to you, our newest batch, called Glory. There are 5 design available, selling at RM3.00 each.

Price: RM 3.00 each
Code Name: Pinque Glory, Kreem Glory, Koko Glory, Gweeen Glory and Blu Glory.

Code Name: Pinque Glory

Code Name: Kreem Glory

Code Name: Koko Glory

Code Name: Gween Glory

Code Name: Blu Glory

Email us or simply fill in the order form.



Hear ye, hear ye...

Ladies, we have an announcement to make!!
Although most of the items are sold out, we are taking orders.
So if you happen to like any of the sold out items, do email us your order, or simply fill in the form.
But please give us 2 days or more. Don't forget to check out our catalogue.
Thank you for visiting.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Batch 4: STRIPEY.

Hey yous~

Guess what?
The 4th batch is now available. It is called Stripey.
As usual, there are 5 designs to choose from.
We are selling each for RM4.oo.

Price: RM 4.0o each
Code Name: Stripey 1, Stripey 2, Stripey 3, Stripey 4 and Stripey 5.

Code Name: Stripey 1 (SOLD)

Code Name: Stripey 2 (SOLD)

Code Name: Stripey 3 (SOLD)

Code Name: Stripey 4 (SOLD)

Code Name: Stripey 5 (SOLD)

If you're wondering how does it look like from behind, below is the image:-

Like it? Then what are you waiting for, email us or just fill in the order form.
Thanks much!

The whole batch is sold out. However, should you feel like purchasing any of these clips, do place an order.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Hullo Bunnies!!!
Presenting to you our third batch. It is called Big Blossom.
Why so? Because it's just soooo big. We just love it. (Hope you'll love it too).
We're selling each for RM5.00.

Price: RM 5.0o each
Code Name: BB1, BB2, BB3, BB4 and BB5.

Code Name: BB1

Code Name: BB2

Code Name: BB3

Code Name: BB4

Code Name: BB5

Do email us if you would like to purchase our hair clips.

Monday, March 8, 2010


Hey Bunnies!!!

Our second batch is up for sale. Similar to the previous one, we have 5 different butterflies for you to grab. i.e. Brawny Butterfly, Milky Butterfly, Earthy Butterfly, Citrusy Butterfly and Candy Butterfly.
Each is sold at RM5.50.

Price: RM 5.5o each
Code Name: Brawny Butterfly, Milky Butterfly, Earthy Butterfly, Citrusy Butterfly and Candy Butterfly.

Code Name: Brawny Butterfly (SOLD)

Code Name: Milky Butterfly (SOLD)

Code Name: Earthy Butterfly (SOLD)

Code Name: Citrusy Butterfly (SOLD)

Code Name: Candy Butterfly (SOLD)

If you would like to purchase these items, please email us or fill in the order form.
Thanks much!


The whole batch has been sold. Thanks.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Batch 1: 4 TONES FLOWER.


Welcome to Ivy~
Our first batch is called the 4 Tones Flower. Perfect to accent any outfit!!
Attached to a black snap pin, it is handmade using felt of 4 different shades.
i.e. Pretty Pink, Gray Grey, Ocean Blue, Chocolate Brown and Grinch Green
We only have 5 of this kind and each may differ.
Each is sold at RM3.50.

RM 3.5o each
Code Name: FTF Pretty Pink, FTF Gray Grey, FTF Ocean Blue, FTF Chocolate Brown and FTF Grinch Green

Code Name: FTF Pretty Pink (SOLD)

Code Name: FTF Gray Grey (SOLD)

Code Name: FTF Ocean Blue (SOLD)

Code Name: FTF Chocolate Brown (SOLD)

Code Name: FTF Grinch Green (SOLD)

So please, hurry up if you would like to purchase.
Ladies, the whole batch has been sold. Do place an order if you like any of the items.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Opening Soon

We will be opening soon.
So do check from time to time.

Till then, ciao~

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